Saturday, 7 November 2009

Turner Prize 2009

The Turner Prize, now in its 25th anniversary, is one of the world’s most prestigious award for contemporary art. This years nominees include:

Enrico David
A contemporary surrealist who was nominated for his How Do You Love Dzzzzt By Mammy? (Below) Which resembles some kind of bizarre papier mache rocking chair which some what looks like a penguin!

Roger Hiorns
Specialises in sculpture and instillation art. His nominated art is that of Seizure, which is the beautiful interior of a derelict flat in South London which was filled with liquid copper sulphate. The effect of this is that every surface of the space is encrusted with blue crystals. I think this looks magical, reminds me of a Santa's grotto! I simply can not believe this is a London flat.

Lucy Skaer

Creates films, drawings and sculptures often based on photographs as a starting point. Her work often is between recognition and ambiguity, figuration and abstraction. Black Alphabet is a beautiful piece of work, how delicate these forms are constructed from charcoal dust, yet how strong and bold they look together.. almost like a huddle of penguins in the cold (That's the second time I've mentioned penguins now!).

Richard Wright
Wright creates beautiful paintings which he works directly onto walls to the architecture in which they are created. These intricate paintings often include a graphic element, and complex patterns. I think his work is interesting, I like how his art becomes part of the history of the buildings, as after the exhibitions his art stays with the buildings forever as they are painted over and become part of the wall.Personally I hope Lucy wins, but we won't know till the 7th of December 2009 on Channel four... one month to go!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Touch drawings

Experimenting with Touch Drawings. I created these drawings by literally closing my eyes and groping myself! Well my face at least! Feeling the shape of my face, holes (such as in the ears) and lumps and bumps ( chin, jaw, cheekbones). I created a series of these self portraits using pastels and inks; often re-working on top of a previous sketch to create a sense of history in the layering process.

I like these Touch self portraits becausee they are quite child-like in a way, and experimental which i really like. (And yes that chubby infant is me!)

Here's two of my collection:

Fiona Rae

"I like lively, heartfelt and witty art that can also be cool and ironic. Doesn't necessarily have to be painting, but that's my favorite thing, partly because I think it's the hardest way to be fresh and original in the 21st century."

I just adore Fiona Rae's abstract painting style, it exudes excitement and energy. Her use of colour is almost sickly sweet, (which i love) which she contrasts against darker plumy tones. The graphic composition of large splurges of colour contrasts well against little details such as hearts and little animals.

Here's some of my favourites: